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Mahesh Jadu (Actor from Marco Polo) is teaching show-reel development course


Starts on the 4th of October!

Due to popular demand from students who want to start at the beginning and work their way through to a final showreel of their own, Perth Film School has launched its “Hollywood Package”.

Students receive 8 weeks of intensive training through all three class levels plus a professional weekend showreel workshop. The end result is two professional ‘mini films’ shoots which combines into a 3-minute show-reel to present to agents and casting directors.

Screen Acting Level 1 (Introduction to Screen acting) – (4 Weeks) Taught by Ben Mortley

Screen Acting Level 2 (Screen acting advanced) – (1 Weekend) Taught by Mahesh Jadu

Screen Acting Level 3 (Showreel Preparation) (1 Weekend) Taught by Mahesh Jadu

Mini Film and Showreel Workshop (Full Weekend) by Mahesh Jadu

For over 27 hours of training with Perth Film School and a professional showreel at the end, “The Hollywood Package” is a fantastic option to fully pursue your screen acting dreams.