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Kids Workshops!

Has your child ever wanted to become an actor? Or gain confidence in front of the camera? Or simply just loves having fun whilst on school vacation with other students that share the same passion?

Check out what some of our previous students have developed! 🎬


Here at Perth Film School we offer various classes for all ages and abilities, but we are extremely excited to announce our KIDS WORKSHOP running on July 18th and 19th from 10am until 1pm.
We can guarantee there will be lots of laughter, fun and learning benefits to this course 🙂
Your child will have the opportunity to work behind and in front of the camera on lots of fun little scripts on the topic of their choice!

Still need more convincing? Below are a few reasons as to why Acting is super beneficial for kids!

1. It allows your child to build more confidence! Whether that is being with lots of other kiddies, having more courage in front of the camera…
2. Acting helps build a strong work ethic in your child! They’ll be working hard doing something they love, to produce great results!
3. It can teach them social skills! Making lots of new friends with a variety of different ages and kinds people they can work with!
4. It can make weird seem good, some of the creative arts are considered weird, but here we celebrate it!
5. Lastly, it can build compassion, acting is all about stepping in to someone else’s shoes and understanding their character.

For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us at Perth Film School on 01300 588 798