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Isabella Jacqueline’s Story to Success/Perth Film School

This talented young lady started at Perth Film School when she was 12 years young. Now at 18, she’s founded her own production company, signed with an agent, been in films, written shorts and directed! 🎬 (to which I might add, won many awards internationally! 🏆)


I mean, WOW, is there anything she can’t do? 😍



Here’s a testimonial from Isabella:

“After graduating Perth Film School, securing an agent and becoming a working actress, last year I decided to take that next step and found a production company, Other-Side Films, so I could turn out my own content . . . and create roles for promising up and coming local actors – two of which are fellow Perth Film School graduates!

My debut film, five minute rom com “Love At First Sight (2018)” which I directed/wrote/produced and acted in stars the very talented Andrea Lim and my second film,  “Whose Crime Is It Anyway? (2018)” – a highly stylistic short which tackles implied consent and sexual assault on film sets – has Sean Schliwa in a leading role. Both films were met with great acclaim in the US and cleared out a total of over forty awards between them, including numerous wins at the Los Angles Film Awards, New York Film Awards, Calcutta International Cult Film Festival, Actors Awards Los Angeles and the world’s largest online film festival, TopShorts. So big thankyou to PFS for connecting me with these talented actors.”

Both short films are now available online after their successful year in the festival circuit, if you want give them a watch.




Isabella’s words alongside the image on the right:☛

“In case y’all forgot I’m a director too!
Winning BEST INDIE FILMMAKER OF THE YEAR at the world’s largest online short film festival for a film I directed age 17 is a huge honour for me, personally and professionally. It marks my 40th award in the past seven months and I’m pretty excited to be going into my next production. There’s some amazing talent in Perth and I can’t wait to see what we’ll be creating next😉stay tuned with @otherside.films people!!”

You go girl, we’re all rooting for you!!