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I have a top agent in Melbourne thanks to Perth Film School

Up until last year I had no experience acting in front of a camera. Though the guidance of the brilliant Nicole Moerland during the Hollywood package at Perth Film School, however, I honed my screen acting skills and completed my showreel.

I loved the freedom that the course gave me, allowing me to pick scenes for my showreel which suited my style of acting. The guidance provided to me by Nicole, Claudia, and Ross was exceptional and much appreciated.

After completing my showreel I decided to make the move to Melbourne to pursue a career in the arts. Firstly, I had to get headshots done. I got a friend of a friend to do these as I thought that a photo was a photo, but I was wrong- it is really worthwhile to pay for your headshots. I have learnt quickly that casting directors look at your photo for a total of three seconds- so make sure you’ve got some good ones that really show off your style well!

I was adamant that I was going to give this career a proper crack and so, cheekily, I looked up the Australian Business Register website to find the email address’ of every registered acting agency in Melbourne. I created my CV and sent it to every single one of them along with my headshots and a link to my showreel asking them for representation. I was blown away by the sheer number of responses, in particular, from agencies who had specifically stated on their websites “Sorry but we are not currently taking on any talent”.

I met with multiple representatives, many of whom stated that having a showreel set me apart straight away. I was offered places to six agencies and, amazingly, I had the option to choose my preferred agent.

If you’re thinking about it, do it. Perth Film School has set me on an amazing path.

My showreel developed through the school: