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How did our hottest actress Margot Robbbie crack Hollywood? Former co-stars reveal her secrets to success

EVEN a skilled actor can have a crack at Hollywood and come up short, in a cutthroat business that requires much more than just talent to make it big.

But each year, a new crop of young Australian hopefuls knock on every door they can in Los Angeles, hoping to follow in the footsteps of a lucky famous few.

For those who’ve made it, how did they do it? We spoke to our hottest acting exports’ former co-stars to find out.


Her leap from Ramsay Street to The Wolf of Wall Street was one that many young actors would look at with a mix of awe and envy.

But for Margot Robbie, her star quality was obvious from day one. Now she’s one of the hottest young names in Hollywood.

Jackie Woodburne, who plays Susan Kennedy in long-running soapNeighbours, recalled a “unique” young Robbie as a devoted performer.

“Despite her youth, she was very instinctive,” Woodburne said.

“It was apparent at the outset that she had what it takes — not just to do the Hollywood thing, but to be quite the accomplished actor.”

She was curious and hungry for knowledge, Woodburne said, and keen to learn. Robbie was a performer who worked hard and tried new things.

“She was also brave, and I think that’s the most important quality in an actor.”