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Filmmaking at Perth Film School

 Perth Film School… our Filmmaking course is back, in full swing!
Steve Browne is a Perth based Director and Storyboard artist, working on feature films such as Red Dog: True Blue, and H is for Happiness with experience in Directing over 30 music videos. Steve also works in Art Department on films like Dirt Music and TV like Batchelorette as well as mentoring the Masters students at ECU Screen Academy in Art Department. 
Course Outline:
Week One: Discussion genre and choosing a story, discussing roles.
Week Two: Point forming the story- Act 1, Act 2, Act 3 (Beginning, middle and end)
Week Three: Scripting the story, delegation of film roles, understanding Cinematic framing.
Week Four: Framing Cont’d, Lighting for mood, storyboarding our script and Production.Pre
Week Five: Film Shoot on Location (Huzzards Studios), Editing tools
Week Six: Editing Cont’d and ‘Where to now?’.
DATES: Film Making Course” starting on the 19th of February at 6pm.  The course runs for a total of 6 weeks on Wednesdays (course runs for 6 weeks from 6pm until 8pm – last 2 weeks the class will run for 4 hours – due to editing and filming days).  Please also note that the program has the same amount of hours as the 8 week program – we have made the last 2 classes 4 hours.
(As a film making student you may also join in for work experience on our film set, when we have a shoot.)
Check out these videos below to learn new things about filmmaking, directing and camera techniques!
For more information on this course, or any of our other courses, don’t hesitate to contact us:
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