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Film Making Courses!

Due to popular demand from students wanting to learn more about the construction of films, Perth Film School has launched its “Film Making” Course.

Students will receive 12 weeks of intensive training through three levels by our Head Film Teacher Rusty Geller. During this time, they will work on real productions and learn the art of cinematography.

Film Making Level 1 (4 weeks)
Introduction to making movies: Students will learn the different roles of the crew, learn how to set-up and operate digital motion picture cameras, select lenses, create and compose shots.

Film Making Level 2 (4 weeks)
Students will learn to stage scenes for camera: blocking, rehearsing and shooting. They will light scenes both indoors and outdoors.

Film Making Level 3 (4 weeks)
The Class will become a Crew, breaking down scripts for camera and shooting practice scenes with professional cameras, sound, dollies, & lighting.

For ONLY $1950