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Australian actor Mahesh Jadu, who made his Hollywood debut in “I, Frankenstein” along side Aaron Eckhart, says the only way to succeed in Hollywood is to be disciplined, focused and well-planned; otherwise you’ll be forced to quit.

“You have to keep at it. You should know where you want to be and where you want to go with your career…work on the steps you want to take and focus on those steps – that is the secret to continue; otherwise you will come across opportunities to quit during your journey,”.

Prior to fantasy-action drama “I, Frankenstein”, the 31-year-old was seen in Australian film “Taj”, which was directed by Winston Furlong, as well as in the Australian TV series “Neighbours”.

According to Jadu, hard work, discipline and passion helped him survive in Hollywood.

“Working with people in Hollywood, one of the biggest film industries, you have to be honest to work successfully. You have to be hard working, disciplined and passionate. The thing I love the most is their love for the script,” he said.

Directed by Stuart Beattie, “I, Frankenstein” features Aaron Eckhart in the lead role, while Mahesh plays Ophir.

He says that he was nervous at first, but ended up learning a lot. “It was a great experience. It was my first studio action film. It gave me the chance to work with American producers as well. That was good. I learned a lot while working with amazing actors and director,” he said.

“I think it is natural to have nervousness,” he said and added that the best way to deal with this is to “focus on the job. There is so much happening around you, you forget about that and prepare (for your role),” he added.

Apart from auditioning for roles, the actor is also busy developing an animation film as well as penning a novel.

“The novel has been in my head for a while. It is a detective story and should be completed by this year,” he said.

Mahesh Jadu has recently completed shooting on the latest installation of the Pirates of the Caribbean series, Dead Men Tell No Tales due for release in 2017 as well as Season 2 of Marco Polo where he plays the role of ‘Ahmed’ now out on Netflix.