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Develop Your Acting Career in Perth

Hi everyone! If you want to get enrolled in acting classes or know someone who might want to take some classes, here is what you need to know. Acting classes not only enable you to experiment with new methods for work, but they also allow you to try new things.

So, why should you take an acting class? Here are six benefits of taking an acting class:

1. You’ll see a boost in your confidence

2. You’ll learn how to communicate effectively

3. You can relieve stress

4. You get to make new friends

5. You’ll learn to improvise, adapt, overcome

6. You’ll learn how to work in a team

Acting classes an excellent asset for improving your confidence and comfort in front of others. The lessons will not only sharpen your acting skills but will also enhance your way of communication. As you learn how to act out different roles, you even master how to articulate your ideas to fit the chosen role. In the end, you enjoy excellent communication skills that will help you in all spheres of life. 

Last Spots for the Voice-Over Program

Welcome everybody to our new Voice Over Program. It Started the 10th of November, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

This 4-week voice-over course for beginners will make the foundation of your “voice-over toolbox” from which you can gain control, self-belief, and confidence to give voice-overs a proper “crack”.

We’ll look at different types of voiceovers currently in the industry and how to achieve them, correct technique and breathing, warm-ups, how to interpret scripts and take direction, studio etiquette, microphone technique, loads of fun exercises, and tips on how to get your foot into the Perth industry.

The price for this program is $450.

Acacia Daken our Voice Over Teacher.

Acacia is a motivated and passionate voice coach with an MFA in Voice Studies from the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.  She strives to empower students to take ownership of their unique voice and assist them in developing the knowledge and ability to safely access a free and flexible voice.

She has coached international actors including Katherine Langford and has worked as a dialect coach for theatre productions including Wise Children’s ‘Romantics Anonymous’ directed by Emma Rice, as well as in film and TV on ABC’s ‘ITCH’ and most recently ‘It Only Takes a Night’.

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