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Cyberbullying and how acting can help!

For some who don’t know, cyberbullying is a use of technology to harass, threaten, embarrass or target someone else online. Online threats and mean, aggressive, or rude texts, tweets, posts, or messages all count!

Cyberbullying is overlooked!! Just because it’s not physical or face to face people think it doesn’t matter as much! And that’s not okay!! Nasty trolls sit behind screens all around the world and continuously comment ferocious messages hurting and causing others misery! It can lead up to long-term issues the come up throughout ones life. Stand up for your own principles!!

Millie Bobby Brown, a beautiful inside and out, talented actress, is the youngest ambassador of UNICEF and last night she stood up for children’s rights! Her speech was beyond amazing, so inspiring and devoted. Baring in mind Millie is just a teen, therefore active on social media, she’s always posting about kindness and spreading positivity, I think everyone on this planet should take a leaf out of Millie’s book, she’s also only 15!!

Attached is her outstanding speech, please read it, it’ll be the best thing you see today! 2018-2019

Acting is an everlasting search of truth, and a lot of people are picked on for wanting to achieve those dreams. “No one could ever hit me hard enough to make me want to stop doing it”- Tom Holland

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Please be nice to one another, the world should go round with kindness and positivity! 💞