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Casting Call: Speaking role in Simon Baker Film for young males aged 15-18, Australia.

Are you a young male aged 15-18 looking for an exciting opportunity to break into the film industry? This could be your chance! A casting call for a speaking role in the upcoming Simon Baker-directed film has been announced. The film is searching for a lean, spirited, and scrappy male aged 15 to play a 15-year-old character in a new feature film.

The role is open to all ethnicities, but the applicant must be based in Australia. The character is a survivor in a challenging world and is perfect for someone with a ‘go-getter’ spirit. The film will be an exciting and challenging project for anyone interested in this field.

The casting directors are looking for young men passionate about acting, but no prior experience is necessary. This casting call is the perfect opportunity for those who have always wanted to act but never had the chance to try it out. The film provides the ideal platform to showcase your talent and kick-start your acting career.

If you are interested and ready to take on this exciting opportunity, all you have to do is apply. The applicant must be 15 by June 2023 to be eligible for the role.

Don’t miss out on this chance to work with experienced and talented directors and be a part of a major feature film. Apply today, and who knows, this could be the start of an exciting and successful career in acting!

Requirements for the role:

  • Must be a male aged 15 to play a 15-year-old in the film
  • Must be lean and spirited
  • Must be based in Australia
  • No prior acting experience is necessary
  • All ethnicities are welcome to apply
  • Must be 15 years old by June 2023

Speaking Role Casting Call for Simon Baker Film



  • We are looking for a lean, young male aged 15-18 to play 15 yrs in a  new feature film.
  • Open to all ethnicities.
  • Must be based in Australia.
  • He’s a spirited, scrappy, survivor in a challenging world.
  • You must be 15 yrs by June 2023 to apply
  • No acting experience is necessary