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Australian actors & Perth Film Schools courses!

In todays society Australian actors are climbing up the top worldwide actors chain like no ones business!

Here are just a handful of incredibly talented and hard working actors & actresses and their stories to success, who are shinning bright in Hollywood today!

  1. Hugh Jackman– his break through was as Wolverine in X-men to which he still holds a record! Winning many awards, playing different characters and even having his own on the road show. He’s remained so grounded and humble. A huge inspiration to many!
  2. Margot Robbie– Started as a teen, constantly working, to now hold the title of most beautiful woman of 2019, as well as her many achievements in all her films and Academy Award and BAFTA nominations! Margot never stopped working on he craft, she deserves all her success😍
  3. Nicole Kidman– Wow! Holds many awards for all her amazing performances. A true queen! Never stopped working hard and luck found her! An icon😇
  4. Hemsworth brothers– Liam, Chris and Luke Hemsworth, I mean do I need to say more? Extremely humble and hard working got them the success they deserved! Can we see them work on a film together please??💌
  5. Cate Blanchett– Incredible actress, with all her success and a full time mom of 4, how does she manage? We love watching her on the screen!
  6. Rebel Wilson– Later career than some, yet so inspiring! Incredible actress with a Law Degree! As well as masses of success in many comedy movies! A favourite actress for sure!
  7. Mel Gibson– arguably the most recognised actor of the previous generation. With all his amazing heroic performances, Crowe sure knows how to wow the crowd!🗣
  8. Heath Ledger– although he may not be with us today, by far one of the greatest actors of all time!🎖


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