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An Excellent TESTIMONIAL from Mayur Kamble

After a failed attempt at a monologue of ginger bread man, from the movie ‘The Shrek’ 🙂 Having no idea what a monologue was when I first started.   I was convinced that I am not meant mean to face the camera as an actor. But thanks to Nicole Moerland, for believing in me and giving me chance to overcome my anxiety and fear of acting.


I then successfully completed my Actor’s Training Workshop from Perth Film School and went on to act in multiple short films, all shot in Perth namely Third World Solution, Judy Dench is Cool in Person, Welcome Home and Pest Control. Later I also wrote a script & directed a romantic music video ‘Deewana’ for a Pakistani singer.


I got my biggest break as an actor, when a Director Abhijit Deonath from Canberra casted me for a role in his Bollywood film ‘Salt Bridge’, which was shot in Australia. I acted alongside actress Chelsie Preston Crayford, well known for her role of Tilly Devine in Australian crime drama ‘Underbelly’ and two famous actor & actress from Bollywood, Rajeev Khandelwal and Usha Jadhav.


Salt Bridge is an Indian drama movie directed and produced by Indian writer and director Abhijit Deonath. It tells the story of a man who left India to live in a small town in Australia, looking for a better future. He befriends an Australian woman. Their friendship, being unorthodox in their community, becomes a problem to other Indian people living in Salt Bridge.


The movie Salt Bridge was released in major cinema halls in Australia and many Multiplexes in India. Seven songs from Salt Bridge were also shortlisted in the Original Song category for the 88th Academy Awards and it was also screened at many International film festivals.


If it wasn’t for Nicole Moerland, the Managing Director of Perth Film School, I couldn’t have achieved so many wonderful opportunities. As a mentor, she provided confidence, commitment and compassion to overcome the fear of facing a camera or a larger audience.


My journey has just begun and everyday is a day to make mistakes and learn and keep growing. My advice is to be as natural as possible, after all living every day is an act of Living.



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