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Actress Andrea Lim finds Inspiration and Insight at Perth Film School

The Hollywood Bound course was my introduction to Perth Film School. The trainer was very helpful and encouraging and I feel that we were taught great things to help us in our development of characters and our acting techniques in general.


Having small groups meant that all the students had the opportunity to engage the trainer, get their questions answered, and become friends with the other students which all made for a great learning environment.


The high calibre of teachers, both resident and visiting, and their ability to convey their experience and expertise to the students I found to be inspiring and insightful.


I would highly recommend Perth Film School to anyone who is looking to start a career in TV or Film. 

The choice of courses allows you as a student to learn a variety of skills that can be applied to not only Film and Television, but Theatre and MC work as well.


Perth Film School has helped me grow as a performer and I can’t wait for it to continue helping me achieve my dreams and goals for the future.

~Andrea Lim