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Acting helping to boost kids’ confidence

Not all kids have the confidence to don a cape and wear their undies in public but over time and in the right environment Acting classes are helping to boost kids’ courage.

Psychologist and founder and director of Parent Wellbeing, Jodie Benveniste said every child has their own temperament and kids’ can vary in the degree in which they are confident and outgoing or a bit more reserved and shy.

But helping to boost a child’s confidence is all about having a good strategy, she adds.

“Help them develop the things that they love doing and they can gain more confidence by taking small steps and trying new things,” she said.

“Drama is a great opportunity to test those skills because it gives them a safe structured environment to try new things and test themselves a bit and in the right environment they can really flourish.”

In fact, a report published by Social Science Research Unit at the Institute of Education found that primary school children participating in drama experienced an increase in self-confidence.

Researchers also found that listening and speaking skills also improved.

Additionally, as kids move through highschool at some point they will have to speak in front of a small group of people.

And role playing is really helpful for that, even if they aren’t going to be actors.

While it’s great to encourage kids to participate in creative activities, it’s also important to be aware of their interests.

Be aware of what they really like and what they are interested in.

When you combine the two that’s when you can get them coming out of themselves and gaining confidence.