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9 Acting Tips for Beginners by Charmaine Gorman

So you know you want to act. Awesome news! Now, how to go about it? For those seriously considering getting into acting there are certain things you can do to get the most out of it for you, and for the possibility of working as an actor. Here are 10 acting tips for beginners.

1 – Take some classes

Talent and drive can come very naturally, but to harness these things it’s good to actually learn what to do, and how you can do it. Classes, both group classes and private can take you leaps and bounds in your abilities in all genres.

2 – Broaden your knowledge

Read more plays, see more film, read more books and expose yourself to more educational performance tools.

3 – Get some experience

If you are just starting out, amateur or fringe theatre, improvisation groups, play readings, student film, there are heaps of great things you can do to get some experience in any form.

4 – Get some headshots

This will be costly, but an investment. If you don’t have a professional headshot you are not likely to be looked at for any professional castings.

5 – Be versatile

Don’t just be the guy or girl who can play the young love interest. Get your hands dirty and try something out of what you or other perceive as your ‘type’. You might find you like being the straight man, the villain or the comic relief.

6 – Learn how to learn from others

Learning by watching is a very powerful tool. When you watch others perform don’t just see it as entertainment, but an educational experience. This is even better if you are watching those artists you are working with.

7 – Take direction

No one, not directors, casting agents, or your fellow performers really like performing with someone who doesn’t take direction. This action can often say more about you than you wish.

8 – Work begets work

The more you do, the more you do, so get out there and create the chain reacting of doing.

9 – Find an agent

Not always easy, but a great thing when it happens. If you work on finding an agent it will increase your chance of finding work.