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17th Marbella International Film Festival 

Welcome everybody to the 17th Marbella International Film Festival! 

As you know, we have two Film Schools, one in Perth, Australia, and one in the European and glamorous city of Marbella, Spain. And since we are affiliated with the Marbella Film Festival, we are welcoming everyone to come to this festival since it is an International event to don’t miss at all. In fact, they come from all around the globe to this Festival, like Latin America, Asia, Australia, Canada, and many others.

Like every year, this Festival gathers one of the most spectacular individuals from the film industry to celebrate their achievements this year.

As this Festival grows its impact every year, the bar is higher for filmmakers because this time around we find films that show the talent this international event has to offer.

The new home for the Awards this time is the brand new HARD ROCK MARBELLA, with its music-inspired design and luxurious interiors, more than a convenient place not only to celebrate every film awarded but the best to host the celebrities during the festival.

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In recent years, students of Marbella Film School have been actively involved in the  Marbella International Film Festival taking up a variety of roles in the organization process as well as attending the event as actors and nominees. Last year, we got to celebrate Estefania Villaespesa winning the Best Actress award for her outstanding performance in ‘Dark Light’ – written and directed by Damian Chapa.

In addition to her acting career, Estefania is also the co-founder of Marbella Film Academy, playing a pivotal role in creating opportunities in the local film industry.

We anticipate this year’s festival to be just as exciting and successful.

‘Room 4D’ – an entirely locally produced thriller got selected for the film festival, featuring many of our talented students. In particular, we have high hopes for Sarah Spendlove, the female lead, to take home an award this time. Mark your calendars, ‘Room 4D’ will be screened at the Marbella International Film Festival between the 5th and the 9th of October.

Meanwhile, here is what Estefania had to say after winning the award last year:

Q & A with Estefania Villaespesa

Congratulations on winning an award for Best Actress! How was the filming experience?

I had a great time during the production. It was definitely a big challenge to play the role of a woman with a mental disorder. She had eight personalities and spoke several languages, but at the same time, to me, that was the most exciting part.

How did being a student at Marbella Film School contribute to your success?

Actors are required to constantly improve their skillset. A few years ago, I was fortunate to join Marbella Film School and take part in several training courses to further hone my skills when it comes to self-tape auditions and authentic on-screen performance. Joining their classes has certainly boosted my confidence as an actress.

What does the Marbella Film Academy stand for?

My sister, Maria del Villaespesa, who is a movie director based in Los Angeles and I created the Marbella Film Academy, a cultural organization to promote the local film industry and to establish Marbella as the Hollywood of Europe.

The Academy has been part of several international film productions, training programs, and events.

What is your vision for the film industry in Marbella?

I believe that filmmaking is about painting with light. Andalusia or “The Land of Light” as it was called by the Moors, has the most perfect lighting for movie production. Not only that, but on average, we have three hundred and twenty days of such light every year, virtually the same as in Hollywood!

Furthermore, the South of Spain has some stunningly beautiful locations and breathtaking landscapes. It has established film studios, with all the necessary equipment, crew, and acting talent ready to go. Andalusia is a dream come true for any movie production company.

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Want to Purchase a pass to a VIP pass?

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