Perth Film School


Why Perth Film School is the right place to start your acting career by James Wong

Perth Film School challenged me to perform at my best.  I believe acting is a skill that accumulates over time and practice, but where you start is important, because the type of coaching you get can make all the difference in that first – often vulnerable – step in the journey.
For me, my exploration in acting started with a bang at Perth Film School.  Nicole Moerland and Nick Britton gave us effective instructions on film acting techniques, all the while inspiring us to be creative in playing our roles and getting into character.  The result is three months of intensive training and practice in acting that has taken me to a new level of it and an appreciation for fine acting.  The teachers here are no holds barred; they have given every ounce of effort to help produce the best in us.  And they expect our best efforts too.
If there’s one thing I take away from Nicole and Nick, it’s this:  ‘acting is not about acting. It’s about being.’  I will never forget that.  I also will never forget the beautiful friendships and comradery I formed with the people in my class and the film crew over many hours of learning, rehearsals and filming together.
I was inspired to take up acting because I believe that acting is an art that moves hearts.  The people at Perth Film School, have shown me how this is possible.
James Wong – Actor