Perth Film School


Enhance your acting career at Perth Film School by Nicole Crisp

I believe a showreel is one of the most valuable tools that an up and coming actor can have in their toolkit, especially when it comes to getting an agent. At the time that I sourced out Perth Film School, I was not a beginner actor. I had participated in other acting courses and been involved in a number of projects around Perth, but I didn’t have enough footage from those jobs to produce a decent length showreel. This is where the Hollywood Package at Perth Film School came into play.

Nicole Moerland personally provided guidance throughout the whole course, including advice as to the roles that you would most likely be cast in, and selecting showreel pieces that suit your look and personality to showcase your unique talent. The end footage that I received with the help of Nicole and the incredible team at Perth Film School was very professional and certainly enhanced my showreel.

Nicole Moerland ihonest, yet nurturing towards all of her students, no matter what point in their career they’re at. Even now that I have completed the course, she continues to support me both professionally and personally. I highly recommend the Perth Film School for anyone wanting not only to enhance their acting career, but also to increase their confidence in a fun, supportive environment.

 Nicole Crisp – Actress